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How to go USA on visit visa

America is the land of dreams. Everyone wants to visit America for at least one day in their life. But for many, traveling to America is a hassle. Many people do not want to go to America because of this fear. But the reality is that one can go to America from Bangladesh with a tourist visa. Today I will share with you about America Tourist Visa. Hope you get some ideas from this post.


America Tourist Visa: Actually getting America tourist multiple visa is not a very difficult task. To get a tourist multiple visa you have to give an interview. They will interview you for 8-10 minutes. This interview will determine your fate whether you can go to America. Many people think that a tourist visa requires a lot of documents to go to America, but this is a misconception.


A tourist visa does not require much documents. If you can explain in the interview that you will travel to America and come back at a certain time and they will grant permission considering the trial. Those who are weak in English, don’t worry, they can give this interview in Bengali.


What documents are required to get an American tourist visa: 

  • Passport
  • Trade license (must be in English or notarized if in Bengali)
  • The last 6 months bank statement and solvency should be there.
  • If you are a businessman, you must have a business card.
  • Leave permission letter from the organization in case of employees.
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card
  • 2 copies of lab print photo
  • Insurance, T, I, N Certificate (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of School ID/Birth Certificate for children
  • Description of premises, business property


Prerequisites for Visa Application

Many people who apply for a visa do not get a visa or get a visa too late. They don’t notice some things to apply for visa and make mistakes. So, to avoid visa cancellation or confusion, follow the rules below before submitting the visa application. If you follow these rules, hopefully you won’t have to face any trouble to get a visa.


  • Check that the passport is valid for at least 8 months.
  • Your passport should have 3 blank pages.
  • The correct number of the passport should be mentioned in the visa application form.
  • Expiration date and renewal date of passport should be mentioned.
  • The name must be written accurately in the application form.
  • Scanned photograph must be submitted along with the application form.
  • If there is an earlier passport it should be attached with the original passport.
  • If the passport is lost, its GD copy should be submitted along with the application form.
  • Your current and permanent address should match the utility bill.
  • Bangladesh and India should be filled in place of reference.
  • What do you do, what is your profession? It should give an accurate description.
  • Voter ID must match birth registration.
  • The application form must be submitted to the visa center within 8 days of completion.
  • Apply by selecting specific area.


Eligibility for US Tourist Visa

To get a tourist visa to America or Europe you need to meet 3 qualifications. If you can prove these 3 qualifications, you will get the US tourist visa very easily.

1. Financial capability: In a word, financial capability is the lifeblood of a travel visa. If you want to travel to America you must show proof of your financial ability. At least 6 months of previous property documents should be shown. Not that I suddenly borrowed 8/10 lakhs from someone before applying for visa and showed it to the embassy for proof. But then they will cancel your visa. You have to show valid proof that yes this property is mine, I have earned this money through legal means.


2. Professional Qualification: Professional qualification is also an important factor. No matter what business or job you do, the professional income position should be good. If doing business, the business must be long-standing and licensed. Not only that you must have good experience in that business. By looking at your face, they will understand whether you are experienced in the job.


3. You are a tourist: It is most important to you that you are going to America only for tourism and for no other purpose. At the end of the trip you will return on time. So it is most important for you to prove that you are a travel-loving person and willing to travel to America. Most Bangladeshi people lie and commit various criminal acts while traveling as tourists. Therefore, 90% of people’s visas are canceled despite financial problems, bank statements, professional qualifications being strong.


US Tourist Visa Application Center Information

In order to get the US tourist visa, the online copy of the DS-160 application form must be properly filled and submitted from the embassy. Visa fee for American tourist visa is 160 dollars which is around 13800 in Bangladeshi Taka. This visa fee has to be deposited through Eastern Bank. Again, you can do the entire visa process through the travel visa agency, in which case the amount of money will be a little more. For more details contact the embassy below.

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