Biman Bangladesh Airline’s online ticket booking starting tomorrow

Biman Bangladesh ticket booking

Biman Bangladesh Airline’s online ticketing system will be launched again from February 27. For the convenience of the passengers, the airline will start online ticketing, booking, check-in, web service etc. services through the new Passenger Service Solution (PSS) ‘SABRE’.


As a result, passengers will be able to purchase tickets online from the airline’s website and enjoy other ancillary passenger-friendly facilities. Biman Bangladesh Airlines Deputy General Manager (DGM-PR) Tahera Khandaker said that the current PSS will be transferred from SITA to SABRE on February 27 from 3:45 pm to 3 pm on February 26.


Ticket booking/reservation and ticket issue activities will be closed from all channels of Biman for about 11 and a half hours. However, special arrangements will be made at this time as well, as per the schedule, including the airport check-in activities, which will continue as usual. Also, all flights will operate on time.


From the morning of 26th February, as usual, the normal activities of reservation and ticketing will be started automatically through all Biman Sales Centers, Biman Commercial Web Site, Biman Call Center 019990998998 and Biman Authorized Sales Agent.

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