Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022: How to watch Qatar vs Ecuador match

qatar vs ecuador live today

There is little more than 24 hours left until the curtain rises on the World Cup in Qatar. But in the meantime, the frenzy about the event has started. Almost all of the 32 teams participating in the tournament have reached Qatar.


Hosts Qatar and Ecuador face each other in the opening match tomorrow. At the World Cup, thousands of spectators will sit on the field and enjoy the game. Apart from this, the global event will be live streaming through TV or apps.


Popular digital entertainment platform ‘Toffee’ will live stream all matches of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. World Cup matches can be watched live on the Toffee app from any mobile network in the country.


Toffee app can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. In addition, its website and Android Smart TV will also watch World Cup matches.


bdwrite Qatar World Cup 2022 live


Fans from Bangladesh can watch the game on television channels T-Sports, GTV and BTV. The game can also be seen on the Indian channel ‘Sports 18’ from satellite.


Apart from television, the game can be watched live with several apps. BDXI TV (Free! Web-based service. Sports can be watched using any browser), CircleNet (BDXI), E-BOX Live (BDXI), Sam Online (BDXI), AmarBD (BDXI), DDN Live (BDXI), Rangdhanu Live (BDXI), Rabbithole Prime (Official, Paid Service), FIFA (Official YouTube Channel).

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