Footballer Neymar’s friend Robin is now in Bangladesh

Naymer's Friend

Brazil’s star player Neymar’s Bangladeshi friend. Robin is now staying in Bhairab. Robin suddenly came to his village from Qatar on Friday (November 18) to meet his parents. He said that he will leave again on Saturday (November 19).


Neymar's bangladeshi friend Robin


In the first week of this month, Md. Robin’s son’s birthday. That day, Neymar wished his friend Robin’s son a happy birthday in a video message. Also, this star footballer wishes good health and good luck for his son. Since then, Robin came to the discussion.


Neymar Jr.’s friend and in charge of his campaign. Robin is the younger son of Haji Abdus Sattar (Chishu Mia) of Mollabari, Ghazirtek area, Kalikaprasad Union, Bhairab Upazila, Kishoreganj. After finishing high school, he moved to Brazil 15 years ago. There he is involved in the agricultural business. Robin is the youngest among four brothers and three sisters in the family.


Neymar's bangladeshi friend Robin


Visiting Robin’s house on Friday afternoon, the villagers along with the neighbors are very happy to have achieved this reputation. They are proud of Robin. Md. Robin said, ‘Brazilian star player Neymar is a good friend of mine. He is a star in the world but he has no self-conceit.


Neymar's bangladeshi friend Robin's wife


He said, “I met Neymar through a close Brazilian friend, Joan Celso. He is also a close friend of Neymar. He also has a good relationship with his family as he is friendly with him. So I know all the news about Neymar’s family.

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