Which is the most expensive car in the world?

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Which is the most expensive car in the world? If someone asks you this question, you might say the name of BMW, Mercedes or Audi. Some would say Rolls Royce. Your idea is not wrong. So far these brands have got the title of the most expensive cars in the world.


But in the future, the answer to this question will be Rolls Royce. Because the Italian company has built the most expensive car in the world. Cars manufactured by Rolls Royce are symbols of luxury. luxury too Rolls Royce is famous all over the world for its car features and luxury features.


The company is going to launch the world’s most expensive car ‘Boat Tail’ soon. The car will be showcased at the luxury event Villa d’Este in Italy’s Lake Como on May 20-22 this year. Although the Rolls Royce boat tail model has been made for some time. Now the second unit is coming to the market by adding luxurious features.

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The second unit of the boat tail is 19 feet long. The car will come with a wraparound windshield. Wood will be used in various parts of the car. The company will make only three models of Boat Tail. The price of which will be 250 crores.


The manufacturer has not revealed any details about the second unit of the Rolls-Royce boat tail car. However, this car is expected to be very different from the first model.


The second unit in the boat tail is powered by the same twin-turbo 6.7 liter V12 engine as the previous version. Which is seen in other models in the Rolls-Royce range.

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