2 Ways to Earn $200 Every Day Online by Your Mobile

Interested in making money online using your mobile device? If so, then this mobile earning guide is perfect for you. This article explores various methods for generating income through your mobile device and offers insights into how to effectively earn money using mobile platforms. Keep in mind that these techniques can be attempted, but proceed at your own discretion. Today we will learn how to earn by doing online surveys and forex trading.


  • Earn by taking Online Surveys

Currently, survey is one of the popular sectors of freelancing. Those of us who want to eliminate unemployment by doing online freelancing work can work in the survey sector if we want. Currently, the survey work has increased with the growth of the companies.

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When we refer to a survey, we’re talking about assessing something. Typically, different companies gauge the satisfaction of their customers towards their products through a method known as a survey. It’s important to understand the concept of surveys before delving into this field. Major companies in developed nations like the United States and Europe frequently conduct various surveys to evaluate the quality of their offerings.


These surveys can be conducted online. The traditional approach of going door-to-door to collect product feedback is impractical, thus online platforms such as apps or websites are used to gather these opinions. Engaging in surveys presents an opportunity to earn a substantial monthly income. Presently, the expanding landscape of companies and organizations is actively seeking product reviews, creating ample opportunities for survey tasks. Capitalizing on our spare time, we can readily participate in survey activities.


  • Who can do the survey?

Survey work can be done by people of all ages and professions. You must have an understanding of online internet to do the survey work. You must know a little English to do the survey. Since these surveys are conducted by international big companies, online surveys are in English. If you are proficient in English, it will be easy for you to understand the surveys. You can easily understand what they want to say or understand. If you are a little less proficient in English, there is no problem. You can use Google Translate to do the survey. Another important thing for survey work is patience.

For survey work, you need to be very patient and have the mindset to work in front of a computer or laptop for 5 to 6 hours. Because if you want to earn a good amount of money every month through this survey work, then you have to spend a lot of time behind this work.

  • What is required to Earn from Online Surveys?

Survey is one of the popular sectors of freelancing nowadays. If you want to do survey work then you will need some things.

  • You must have a laptop computer or mobile phone
  • Your laptop computer or mobile phone must have internet connection
  • One must have the mindset of sitting in front of a laptop or computer for five-six hours
  • You have to be very patient
  • Must be fairly proficient in English
  • You have to buy IP which starts from Tk. 1000 to Tk 5000
  • Must have US verified bank account
  • Must have debit card

As survey work is mostly offered by American and European companies, you will definitely need the above mentioned things.


How to Earn Money by Forex Trading?

Many people want to earn from forex trading but do not get forex trading because of not getting the guide line on how to do forex trading. Actually new forex traders need proper guide line which is not easily available in Bengali language on internet. In today’s blog I will try to give a guide line for the newbies.


  • Income from Forex Trading

Profiting from forex trading necessitates acquiring a comprehensive understanding of forex trading itself and honing the skill of analysis. It’s my conviction that it’s only through these means that one can achieve success in forex trading. But what kind of analysis is required? Essentially, there are three primary categories of analysis within the forex market:


Technical Analysis: This involves assessing market trends and patterns based on historical price data and charts. By scrutinizing these technical indicators, traders can make informed decisions about potential market movements.

Fundamental Analysis: In this approach, traders evaluate the intrinsic value of currencies by analyzing economic indicators, geopolitical events, and other relevant factors that impact a country’s economy. This helps traders predict currency movements based on economic trends.


Sentimental Analysis: This form of analysis delves into the market’s sentiment and mood, which can greatly influence price movements. Traders study market sentiment through news, social media, and other sources to gauge the collective outlook. Mastering these analysis techniques is crucial for success in forex trading.


  • How to Earn Money by Forex Trading

So let us now try to come to a solution. How to earn by forex trading. What are the right steps to earn from forex trading? How to proceed to become a successful trader.

First choose a good trading platform means good broker. Make sure the broker is a regulated broker. Be sure to choose a good medium for dollar transactions. In this case, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money are good methods.


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Now try to learn the basics of forex trading. There is a website in English called babypips.com. Continue reading from here. Also you can take demo trade. In this you can create your own strategy. When you get an idea of almost everything about trading, come to live trading. With a disciplined approach to trading, it is possible to generate earnings from the forex market. Thank you!

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