Expatriates will not be charged to send money to Bangladesh

How to send money to Bangladesh

Expatriate Bangladeshis living in different countries of the world will no longer need to pay remittance charges. They can send remittances even on holidays abroad.


Association of Bankers Bangladesh (ABB) and Bangladesh Foreign Exchange Authorized Dealers Association (BAFEDA) have taken such initiatives to legally increase remittances in the ongoing dollar crisis.


Sonali Bank MD and BAFEDA Chairman Afzal Karim announced this decision after the meeting of ABB and BAFEDA at the head office of Sonali Bank on Sunday. It has also been informed that this rule will be implemented from Monday. Banks will collect remittances at Tk 107 and export earnings at Tk 100.


Besides, remittance charges have been waived for the convenience of expatriate Bangladeshis. From Monday expatriates can send remittances even on holidays without any cost. Because banks have decided to keep exchange houses open even on holidays.


Earlier, to resolve the dollar crisis, on October 23, the maximum price for buying dollars against remittances sent by expatriates was reduced by 50 paisa to 107 taka. The export bill is increased by 50 paisa to 99 taka 50 paisa. Which was fixed at 107 taka 50 paise expatriate income in a meeting on September 26.


The export earnings are fixed at taka. Besides, in the first meeting of bankers last September 11, it was decided to buy export proceeds at 99 taka and remittance dollars at 108 taka.

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