How to get a loan from bKash app

get loan from Bkash

Bkash and City Bank have brought nano loan service for the first time in the country. Bkash customers can take a loan from Tk 500 to 20000 Tk instantly. Loan repayments can be made through apps at scheduled times without hassle.


You don’t have to worry about any paperwork to get a loan. Mobile Financial Service Bkash has come up with such a groundbreaking service. After a one-year pilot project jointly with City Bank, the company launched collateral-free nano loan service at the end of 2021. According to the eligibility of the customer, where there are different amounts of loan. An interest rate of 9% per annum will be applicable on the loan amount as per Bangladesh Bank guidelines.


Benefits of taking a loan from BKash:

  • You will get the loan as soon as you apply.
  • 3 months term loan.
  • No bank account or collateral required.
  • No documents required.
  • The auto-installment facility from account balance.
  • Bank processing fee on loan is 0.575% (0.5% + VAT)


How can you collect the loan: This loan amount will be deposited in the customer’s Bkash account and the customer can withdraw this loan amount from the Bkash account. A customer can take only one loan at a time.


Rules for taking loan from BKash: Bkash loan application can be done online. Login to account from your Bkash app to avail Bkash loan. Click on the Bkash apps ‘Loan’ icon.


If you are eligible for a loan, you can collect the amount you are eligible for through the account itself. The loan amount will be added to your Bkash account.


Bkash Loan repayment terms: You can see the loan installment amount and repayment date on the dashboard while applying for the loan and after getting the loan. If you want, a specified amount will be deducted from your Bkash account as an auto debit on the specified loan repayment date.


If you don’t have the right amount in your Bkash account on the due date and you don’t repay the loan amount before the due date, late fee will be applicable. The rate of late fee is 2% per annum on the loan amount.

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