How to send money from UAE to other countries via mobile

How to send money from UAE to other countries via mobile

Expatriate Bangladeshis will soon be able to send remittances easily and quickly from the UAE using mobile apps. Janata Bank, the state-owned financial institution of Bangladesh, will launch this app within the next month. Senior officials of the bank gave this information while inaugurating the new office of Janata Bank in Dubai on Tuesday (October 25).


Mohammad Abu Zafar, Ambassador of Bangladesh to the Emirates, was present as the chief guest at the event. Janata Bank UAU Chief Executive Incharge Abdullah Al Amin presided over as special guests – Managing Director and Chief Executive Mohammad Abdus Salam Azad, and Consul General BM Jamal Hussain. Apart from bank officials, local businessman CIP person also spoke on the occasion.


The customers of Janata Bank of Emirates have been making various demands including introduction of modern banking services in line with international services, increase in manpower, opening of ATM booths, development of technology to send remittances quickly.


In view of that demand, Janata Bank took the initiative to modernize four branches in the Emirates at the beginning of last year. Meanwhile, the Sarjah branch of the Emirates started their customer service through modernization, but the operations of the remaining three branches were under process.


The officials of the bank mentioned various facilities for expatriate Bangladeshis during the inauguration on Tuesday night after the modernization of the Dubai branch in the second phase.

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