Kuwaiti Dinar Exchange Rate Today

Kuwaiti Dinar Exchange Rate

The Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) stands proudly as one of the world’s most valuable and stable currencies. As the official currency of Kuwait, this remarkable currency symbolizes the nation’s economic strength and prosperity. With its rich history, strong backing, and impressive global standing, the Kuwaiti Dinar continues to be a symbol of stability and financial excellence.


The Kuwaiti Dinar boasts the highest value among all the world’s currencies, reflecting the nation’s robust economy. Its consistent stability can be attributed to prudent fiscal policies, responsible governance, and a well-regulated financial system.

Kuwaiti Dinar Exchange Rates


Kuwaiti Currency Exchange Rates
1 Dinar 355 Taka
50 Dinar 17,782 Taka
100 Dinar 35,565 Taka
500 Dinar 1,77,827 Taka
1000 Dinar 3,55,655 Taka

The Central Bank of Kuwait, established in 1969, plays a crucial role in maintaining the Dinar’s stability by implementing effective monetary policies and ensuring the soundness of the country’s banking sector.


The exchange rate of the Kuwaiti Dinar against other currencies can vary, but it generally remains strong. Its high-value positions it as a favorable currency for international transactions.


Although primarily used within Kuwait, the Kuwaiti Dinar is recognized by global financial institutions and respected for its stability. Its international code, KWD, is established by the ISO 4217 standard, facilitating its identification in the international currency market.


Notice: We publish currency rates based on information from various websites. It may change from time to time.

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