Sada Pathor: An amazing tour place in Bangladesh

Sada Pathor, Sylhet Tour Guide

Sylhet is a district located in the northeastern part of Bangladesh. “Sada Pathor” is a Bengali phrase that translates to “white stone” in English.


In Sylhet, there is a place called “Sada Pathor” that is known for its unique natural beauty. It is a hill station located in the middle of a lush green forest. The hill is covered with white stones that give it a distinctive appearance and attract many visitors every year.


Sada Pathor is situated in the Kulaura Upazila of the Moulvibazar district, which is adjacent to the Sylhet district. It is approximately 200 km away from the capital city of Dhaka and can be reached by road or rail.


Many tourists visit Sada Pathor to enjoy the scenic beauty of the hill and the surrounding forest. The area is also popular for trekking, hiking, and camping. Additionally, there are several tea gardens located in the vicinity, which add to the natural beauty of the region.


Overall, Sada Pathor is a beautiful and unique tourist destination in Sylhet that attracts both local and international tourists.

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