Where to find Qatar World Cup tickets from Bangladesh?

Qatar World Cup

Where to find Qatar World Cup tickets? Getting rid of that anxiety. Tickets for the 2022 Football World Cup are now available in Bangladesh. FIFA Hospitality Agent is an organization based in Dhaka. Football fans can now buy tickets in instalments at the price fixed by FIFA.


With less than a year left in the Qatar World Cup. As the day draws closer, people’s interest is increasing. Where will the tickets for the 2022 World Cup be found? And this time in Asia. So the demand of Bangladeshi viewers is also different.


Bangladeshi company Discovery Tours has brought good news for the interested visitors. The company has become a FIFA hospitality agent. As a result, official tickets and ancillary facilities can be guaranteed from Dhaka at the FIFA fixed price, not extra cost. Tickets are included with the visa.


Zahirul Alam, CEO of Discovery Tours and Logistics, said that in the past, tickets had to be bought at higher prices from neighboring countries at this price, and tickets were often missing. In doing so, he had to go through various troubles.


The agreement was signed with FIFA last year. The announcement is a little late due to institutional reasons. Recently, after the conference of agents of the world, the officials of the organization have started their activities in full force after returning from Doha.


“You can watch at least two or three games on the same day,” said Zahirul Alam, CEO of Discovery Tours and Logistics. Bangladesh Biman, Qatar Airlines, US Bangla are offering direct flights. Pearl Lounge from Match Club matches the FIFA Hospitality Package in five categories. The cost of installment facility starts from Rs. 72,000. There is also a separate package for all matches of any one team or venue. World Cup tickets can also be purchased online.

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